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Well pumps,well tanks. low water pressure, no water? No problem.

Nothing is more aggravating than turning on the faucet and discovering that you have no water. Relax lets go through this together.
Ok this is for houses that are on private wells. Your system works like this. On your well tank there is a pressure switch that monitors the pressure of your tank and pipes when your water pressure decreases below the set pressure, it sends power to the pump. Now the pump in most cases is located outside down the well. The average well pump in NH is about 250" down an 8' casing in the yard. The unit pumps water to the well tank until the water pressure reaches the set pressure. then shuts off. .

Try these steps before you call. If unsure then call me I will go throught them with you at no cost.
1. Check the circuit breaker first. it will be located in the main panel, it will be two breakers with the handles connected together by a plastic bar. If the breaker is triped then reset it and see if the water pressure is restored. If no water pressure then move to the next step. If the breaker will not reset then, call me. 603-264-2699

2. Go to the well tank and look for the pressure switch It will be a plastic box about 3"X5"X4" either grey or black in color. Some of these boxes have a low water cut off lever located on the side. If yours does, then pull up on the lever slowly. if you hear the water mmoving in the tank then keep holding the lever untill the tank comes to pressure. if no water moves, then call me I will go over it with you. 603-264-2699

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